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Frequently asked questions

  • Register your business point
  • Create criteria sets for your business point
  • Setup notifications and summaries, as needed
  • Print banners
  • Leave your banners in places where your customers can see them and use them to send in complaints or suggestions
No, everything you will need is included in the 'box'. The only thing needed is a printer to print your banners with QR code and put them in the way your customers can easily spot them.
No, all plans provide the same level of functionality. The only difference is the paid period of subscription.
There is only one limitation related to number of business points you can manage within one account. You can add to system only three configurable QR codes. Contact us if you need to extend current limit.
Currently that is not a supported functionality. However, please get in touch with us and we will try and help you resolve your concerns.

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